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Recruit craftspeople, construct the iconic mausoleum of the Taj Mahal and maintain the monument’s beautiful gardens. Erect towering domes, intricate minarets and enormous archways to earn the most points and be declared Master Architect!

Artisans of the Taj Mahal is a colourful, family-weight roll and write game that plays in around 15 minutes. It can be played by any number of players.  

Here, you can download the rules and player sheets. All you will need to play is 2 six-sided dice (or virtual dice) and a pen or pencil per player. 

This game was designed for the December 2020 seven-day Roll and Write Game Design Contest hosted by indiaboardgames.net and was awarded joint 1st place. The theme of the contest was 'Indian History'. The game is a dedicated to the 20,000 craftspeople involved in the fabrication of this iconic building, of whom only a handful are known by name. On page two of the rulebook you will find information about the construction of the Taj Mahal and those people involved, as well as links to sources of more information. 

Thanks to Rohith Dabbiru whose encouragement, proofreading and cultural sensitivity guidance were greatly appreciated during this game’s development. Thanks also to Andy D for organising the contest. 


Artisans of the Taj Mahal Rules 327 kB
Artisans of the Taj Mahal Player Sheet (Full Colour) 689 kB
Artisans of the Taj Mahal Player Sheet (Low Ink) 712 kB

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